David LaPiere

This home was a foreclosure. Many realtors blew me off on the phone when I naively said I was seeking a foreclosure. Michele knew this would be more work than the typical sale but accepted my dedication to finding a good investment. Things did become difficult and we encountered many difficulties. Michele was always there and always responding to various issues as they arose as if time was of the essence. I would never buy anther home without Michele. I would not only recommend her to friends, family, or business associates, I would have to verbalize they were at a disadvantage in real estate without her. In a day and time where we never get 100% of what we pay for, don’t expect a thank you after spending our money, and are grateful to get a fair portion of a customer service person’s attention, Michele is a breath of fresh air, She came and visited our home a couple weeks after we had moved and brought my family a Christmas ornament with our new address. Michele became less than popular with the title settlement company fighting to get my family in our new home before Christmas. We appreciate her very much and consider ourselves lucky to have had her involved.